Sponsor one of our Beautiful Children at NLCO Orphanage

For a surprisingly small donation you can make a huge and lasting change by sponsoring one of our children. There are two ways you can become a sponsor.

Individual Child Sponsorship Program

As we are deeply committed to providing a quality education for all our children you can sponsor a child to attend a local private school. Our children really have a thirst for knowledge.

The rewards of joining this program are truly immeasurable. You can share in your sponsored child’s development as they flourish into confident and educated individuals. You can give one child a truly life changing opportunity.

The New York International School in Siem Reap has been carefully selected as it provides a high quality education. For example, each class is limited to 25 children. Here our orphans will receive a high quality education in a warm and friendly environment.

We do not want to send any of our children to the local government school as:

  • ⇒Our children are usually way behind their age group in school. This education gap causes huge problems as they receive little attention in the very large classes.
  • ⇒Our children are not receiving even an adequate education as NLCO is unable and unwilling to pay the fees requested of them. The teachers receive very low wages forcing them to earn money by other means.
  • ⇒The schools have inadequate resources. There is a lack of school buildings, qualified teaching staff and supplies.
  • ⇒Our children are frequently bullied at the local government school

As the sole sponsor of your chosen child:


To participate, sponsors select an individual child by choosing a term of school fee as the following table below:

No. Term of Study Admin Fee Uniform Extra-studying Online Transportation Total Amount
School Fee for 1 Terms(3Months)
1 $88.00USD $10.00USD $15.00USD $50.00USD $39.00USD $202.00USD
School Fee for 2 Terms(6Months)
2 $176.00USD $10.00USD $15.00USD $50.00USD $75.00USD $326.00USD
School Fee for 4 Terms(12Months)
2 $352.00USD $10.00USD $15.00USD $50.00USD $147.00USD $574.00USD


Sponsors are welcome to donate a higher amount. Each year it costs us:

    we will email you all their school reports
  • ⇒we encourage you, through NLCO, to have regular contact including writing letters, sending emails and swapping photos etc. You can become a valuable pen-pal and friend. If there are any translation difficulties we will arrange for your letter to be verbally translated.
  • ⇒you can occasionally send small cheap gifts. However, we strongly discourage you from sending frequent or large gifts or anything that will alienate them from our other children and cause jealously.

  • ⇒you are welcome to visit them at our orphanage under supervision of an NLCO member of staff. However, you are not permitted to spend time with them outside our premises.

  • ⇒we will send you a reminder each year so that you can continue your sponsorship should you wish to do so.

  • Note: All school fee above is not set up by our administration charge. 

    Every dollar only goes directly towards their education. No eductions are made from the sponsor’s payment for our administration costs.
    • $ 186.00 USD per year to buy the necessary school supplies such as school uniform, books, etc.
    • $ 624.00 USD per year or $ 52.00 USD per month to feed one child

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