Call for Raising fund to support NLCO School and Orphan!!!

We need very much in teaching materials and school supplying and looking for support adults of our kids to get skill at private school. Our mission for the children; is Give A Chance for A child Today, Leader Tomorrow. It is free school but is forming great discipline for its teachers and its students because we really focus on Quality of education.
We have realized that how those children themselves and their parents support in transforming dreams into reality from day to day when good things for the future should be starting in good way from now today because we agree that good things for the future need well organizing from the moment and also we agree that the quality of the future depends on the quality of what we are doing Now. And all good things happening are not from by chance at all. For overall, deprivation in families headed by the handicapped is one of the causes.And they can not help their children with education alone.

To augment family incomes, their children are put to work at the front line where less or no time of study and put their education at the behind. It is hazardous, and it absolutely harms the overall growth and development of the children whose childhood has not been gained properly and unfairly in their social states. We should embrace our role to support those unfortunate children through their journey of life.

Every dollar, time and energy we invest for the childhood education for parents with disabilities and for parents with deep poverty can save in great result—boosting education rates, reducing child labor, reducing teen pregnancy, reducing higher number of population growth, and even reducing incidents of violent crime , domestic violence and eliminating the upcoming –poverty circle threatening. Those are relatively how better future we are building for our next generations in Cambodia and the world. It would be so great if you can give us any forms of supporting with study materials, teaching materials, office supplies, volunteer teachers other information that can be established for more contacts to make it happen.


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