NLCO School Project

NLCO started their minssion for the lovely Children since 2011, we educated more than 200 children and counting. We are now working with 90 children who their parents unable to privide them to go to private school. We teach Englisg mommunications, morality, Khmer traditional dance, math, and also Sports. The money from our fund raising make us be able to run another classes and we can get studying meterial and also for teachers. Your donation how small or big it will change face of education of NLCO School.

Don't Just see the world change it! Please working together to change the world by ourselves from now on :)

Our Children in Cambodia can get a really hope by you are all meaningful Charity!!! :)

If you have anything to help us by directly or no directly Email:info@nlco-cambodia.org Phone number: +85515228897 anytime work :)

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