NLCO Kids Daily Project

NLCO School is supporting 07 kids and 2 English classes free for the communitiee. We would like to declare to a kind, generous person who would donate or support our projects.

  In fact, we are setting up for a new motivation for our kids for their study. As a reason, we had researched at public school or private school showed that,all the kids who study at school, they need some money to expense for studying in advance, especailly buy something for eating. According to this research, it is really to improve their study to be double good result with their responsiblility.

Here is a list of our kids spending daily as the table below:

No. Description Qty Amount/D Amount/M Amount/ Y
1 Money for kids' pocket(1kid=0.50/day) 27Kids $ 13.50 $ 405.00 $ 4,860.00
2 Extra class of kids(1kid=0.75/day) 27kids $ 20.25 $ 607.50 $ 7,290.00
Grand Total $ 33.75 $ 1,012.50 $ 12,150.00


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