Today we operate and orphanage which provides shelter, food(three nutritious meals per day), healthcare, a high quality education and, above all, a loving home for beautiful children.

At NLCO our childrn learn to become tommorow's adults. They live together as a family and learn to support one another.

We operate from a purpose built signle site, on rented land, about 3 Km from the center of Siem Reap.

The age of our children varies from 3-19.Our children attend the USA international School a local private school, for four hours a day five days a week. These lessons are supplemented by English language classes every week day which are taught in three dedicated classrooms at our orphanage.

As we believe in preserving the Khmer culture children attend daily traditional Khmer music and dance classes at our orphanage. This helps to instill self confidence, a sense of pride and a great deal of enjoyment- they simply love to dance.

Thanks to the kind support from the Kantha Bopha Hospital, a local children's hospital, we have the opportunity to provide medical care to all our children.

When we have enough fund we try to arrange local day trips on Sundays such as swimming, fishing and and other activities. Previous visitor and volunteers have sponsored outings.

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