After a lot of hard work from our dedicated staff and generous donations from our compassionate sponsors NLCO really has made substantial progress towards helping the lives of some of the worlds most underprivileged indiciduals. Despite this success NLCO is planning a number of future projects.

Indigent Family Support & NLCO Community Training Centers

Empowering the rural population of Cambodi at the grassroots level is vital so that they can improve their own lives.Our program is designed to promote self-reliance and sustainable food production.

From 2010 onwards our priority is to start making a real difference to twelve targeted districts with Siem Reap Province, whose inhabitants live in grinding poverty.

We are planning to open one NLCO Community Training Center in NLCO, which will be able to teach 500 very poor children.The curriculum will embrace essential vocational and life skills such as weaving, carving,sewing and English Language classes.

In return for attending class each student will receive a certain amount of free food every month, such as 24 kilos of rice, so that they can continue to support their families throughout their studies. Unfortunatley many children in Siem Reap are forced into work from a very young age in order to support their families.

The families will also be taught sustainable farming techinques and each group of ten families will share vital farming tools. We estimate it will cost 2500 USD to run each NLCO Community Training Center per month.


The overal prevalence rate of HIV in The Kingdom of Cambodia has fallen from 3% in 1997 to 0.8% in 2007.Despite this nationwide success, HIV/AIDS in Siem Reap Province remains a significant problem; the prevalence rate was 6.8% in 2008 driven in part by sex trade. In the last several years the HIV infection has become less concentrated in high risk groups and entered the general population.

We are seeking donors to fund a new NLCO shelter for 50 vulnerable orphans infected with HIV/AIDS. The shelter will provide healthcare, nutritious food, accommodation, a high quality education and a loving home for 50 HIV positive children so that they can live a long and prosperous life.This dedicated shelter will be located near Siem Reap City Center and will be operated seperately from the existing NLCO orphanage. We have already successfully negotiated for both the HIV specific healtcare(including medicines)and the general healthcare to be provided by a local children's hospital.

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