Since inception all our annual running costs and infrastructure costs have been solely funded by compassionate individuals from around the world. We operate without any financial or proctical help from governments, national or international aid agencies. Currently we do not have any corporate sponsors.

It costs us 5200USD to operate our orphanage every month. This is an average of our day today living expenses. This does not include:

  • Cost of sending all our children to the local private school.This is financed through our Child Sponsorship Program.
  • Any money needed to buy and maintain our equipment and buildings.
  • The cost of running the new NLCO farm at Kampong Kleang Chungkmeas

Our food bill, which is between $70-80 per USD per day, is approximately 50% of our average day to day living expenses.This does not include the purchase of fresh fruit or snacks. The majority of NLCO's income is spent directly on the welfare of our disadvantaged children. Only 15% of our total income is spent on the administration of the charity.

Key Staff

Mr. Phan Ratha
President and Founder

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