We accept orphans, children from extremely poor single parent families and disabled children. Many have experienced powerlessness in the ultimate form.Their lives have been governed by fear.Fear of violence,fear of not have enough food, fear of having no opportunity to improve their lives.

Many are former homeless street children who were vulnerable to exploitation from others.NLCO has saved them from becoming beggars, prostitutes or criminals. They no longer have to scavenge in the local garbage bin their next meal.

The age of our children varies from 3-19. Prior to accepting the children our staff visit their home or community, wherever possible, to access their individual needs and situation.Our staff also visit local communities to raise awareness about NLCO.

At NLCO our children often want to participate in all aspects of the orphanage.Many like to cook, sew their clothes and try to fix our equipment when it breaks.They learn as a group, share their knowledge and help each other.

Many of our children have progressed from street kids with no long term goals to children with challenging career desires. Their ambitions vary from being a tour guide to becoming a teacher, engineer or doctor.

In the interests of privacy we do not disclose any personal details(including the real name of our children on our web site.This is inline with the Royal Cambodian Governments code of practice.However, we do provide a selection of their real backgrounds.

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