For the year ending December 2009 the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) and the Cambodian Ministry of Sports & Welfare audited all the orphanages in Siem Reap Province. NLCO was ranked 1st out of all 28 orphanages and obtained a score of 90.58%. The audit examined both the quality of care we provide for our children and our finances. We achieved this result only two years after our organization was established.

The President of NLCO passionately believes that a zero tolerance towards corruption is essential for the further development of Cambodia and, in particular, for the development of the younger generation.

NLCO operates in an open and transparent format so that we are fully accountable to all our kind donors. We are acutely aware that our donors need to have absolute confidence that all their monies are spent in a proper fashion in order to help meet our objectives.

Prior to gaining permission from The Royal Cambodian Government to operate as an officially recognised charity NLCO had to demonstrate that it had a transparent decision making process. Every three years The Royal Cambodian Government reviews and agrees our Memorandum of Understanding.

NLCO has established a number of measures to ensure the appropriate use of our funds. We are able to provide an audit trail of the monies we receive.

Our Internal Auditor ensures that our funds our kept under tight control and that all the donations we receive are spent on improving the lives of our wonderful children.

We operate an open-door policy and always encourage potential donors and their representatives to visit us. We produce monthly and annual reports which are available on request.

NLCO is audited annually by the Ministry of Social Affairs, Veteran & Youth. This audit includes examining our finances and monitors the welfare of our children.

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